10 mistakes cancer professionals make that prevent them from delivering exceptional cancer care

Can you believe it’s May already?! This year is fast slipping through my fingers…but what a year it has been so far!

As I sat on my egg chair in the garden this morning with my first cuppa of the day and my cats sat either on or near me (!), I was flicking through the pages of my journal.

It randomly fell open at December 31st 2018...and I was sweating over the fact that I wouldn’t have my course finished by then. I read on and saw that I’d actually finished it by 5 January 2019.

Five whole days late…

Devastating, I know…! (Seriously, somebody needs to invent a *sarcasm* font!)

My point is this: sometimes we can be so set on our “perfect” plans that we don’t see all the growth and the learning and skills that we’ve acquired along the way.

As we enter the month of May, I have a series of interviews to share with you. I’ve reached out and connected with a number of people who have lived through the cancer experience, and found their own path to healing in one way or another, and I’ve specifically asked them about their experience of the emotional impact of a diagnosis.

Next week, we’ll start with the lovely Sophie Trew, who is a truly inspirational lady. Sophie was 23 when she first found out she had cancer. She has dedicated herself to leaving the world of cancer healthcare a little better than she found it by establishing Trew Fields - the UK’s only holistic cancer health and awareness festival.

The week after, we’re going to hear from the wonderful Erica Bevin, who has ploughed all her efforts into creating Blinking Thinking - a place to find out about natural, neutral beauty products and toiletries that are safe to use during chemo.

And then we’re going to be talking with the hilarious Petra O’Hara - an entrepreneur who left behind her corporate life and has found a renewed healing after learning to self-care through the painful experience of having to “hold it all together” for everyone else around her as she went through her treatment.

Three very different stories, three very inspiring women, and three opportunities for you to be compelled to create your own waves in this world.

Be EXCEPTIONAL in your provision of cancer care

I know that if you’re reading this, then you have a BIG heart. You may not always feel it, but you DO!

I’ll be willing to bet that you’re brilliant at what you do. That you make a huge difference to the lives of your patients or clients.

Am I right?

But we’re all human, and it’s easy to slip up and make mistakes. Sometimes we say or do things with no harmful intention whatsoever, but it can leave those we’re working with feeling a little less than special - a little disempowered.

Download this free guide to learn more about 10 of the most common mistakes cancer professionals make - often inadvertently - and crucially how to avoid making them yourself:

I’m also running some live online training workshops this week and next where I’m going to talk about the three pillars of exceptional cancer care, with some strategies for maximizing patient engagement and even how you can begin to implement them straight away. Join me and discover how to transform your ability to deliver exceptional cancer care to make a bigger impact in this world.

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Join the movement

Essential Cancer Education exists to make a difference in the lives of those living through the cancer experience indirectly by supporting cancer professionals to break down their patients’ and clients’ fears and resistance to change, and to engage them with lasting, positive lifestyle changes to reduce secondary cancer risk.

I believe that through education and increasing public awareness of the impact of our dietary and lifestyle habits on cancer risk, we ALL have the power to reduce cancer incidence. Nearly half of all cancers can be prevented by making positive diet and lifestyle changes. Nearly half!

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