The heart-warming story of how Anthea Kolitsas created Project Happy Note - a unique and beautiful cancer gift subscription service


As we continue with our inspiring line up of people doing incredible things in this world with their gifts and talents, all because of their experience with cancer, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce Anthea Kolitsas of Project Happy Note - a unique and beautiful cancer gift subscription service.

In our interview, Anthea talks of how her mum’s diagnosis with a rare sinus cancer and the 5000+ km distance between them led her to an idea that would blossom into a beautiful business.

Project Happy Note is a unique 3-month gift subscription service designed to help you and your loved one connect and communicate during difficult times, such as following a cancer diagnosis.

Listen to our interview now by clicking on the video at the top of the page, and hear how Anthea was inspired by the idea of her gifts shifting the focus away from her mum’s cancer and instead onto the fun and excitement of what gift she was going to receive next and what they were going to do that day.

Hear all about this, her major lessons learned as a carer and her role as an advocate throughout the process, as well as how Project Happy Note can make it easier to stay connected and help neutralise any awkwardness caused by the “not knowing what to say”.

Just click the video above.

If you want to learn more about Project Happy Note, or you’d like to purchase a gift subscription for a loved one, head on over to And you can follow Anthea and Project Happy Note on all social media platforms as @projecthappynote.

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