Erica Beven, founder of Blinking Thinking, on her plight to find a pH neutral shampoo


To continue our theme of sharing inspiring stories, this week I’m delighted to share the story of the lovely Erica Beven, founder of Blinking Thinking, which has quite literally done all the blinking thinking for you when it comes to choosing beauty and hygiene products that are safe to use during chemotherapy.

Erica and I connected on Instagram back in March this year, and I knew instantly that I wanted to share her story with you. I am truly inspired by people like Erica who create something beautiful out of something as “ugly” as cancer.

Erica was diagnosed with breast cancer when her daughters were 6 months and 5 years old. Having been told she had to use a pH neutral shampoo, Erica found herself standing in her local pharmacy just one hour after her first chemotherapy treatment. Overwhelmed by the choice of shampoos on the shelves, of which none appeared to be pH neutral, she went home empty handed.

Fast forward a few years and Erica has channeled her energies into establishing Blinking Thinking as a place to go for anyone living through the cancer experience to find pH neutral and fragrance-free products that are safe to use during chemotherapy, as well as other helpful products, from drain bag covers to soft toothbrushes. Erica has done the blinking thinking for you, so that you don’t have to.

Watch our interview and learn more about her experience of the emotional impact of undergoing chemotherapy, the importance of accepting help and how she feels her experience has shaped her children growing up. Just click the “play” icon in the header image above.

You can find out more about the full product range here. These make an ideal gift alternative to flowers and chocolates - something practical and thoughtful.

Next week, I’m talking to the hilarious Petra O’Hara, whose own experience of cancer inspired her to quit her corporate job and pursue her own thing, including buying a horse and 22 sheep! I only just met Petra in April this year: I instantly warmed to her wit and wisdom, and I can’t wait to share our interview with you!

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