How Sophie Trew created a legacy out of her own cancer experience


This month, I have the honour and privilege of sharing the inspiring stories of three formidable women who display unimaginable courage.

We kick off this series with none other than the amazing Sophie Trew!

Sophie was diagnosed with a blood cancer when she was just 23 years old. As a journalism graduate who knew nothing about cancer or its causes, she called upon all her research skills she’d developed as a student and delved into the world of integrative cancer therapy.

This incredible young woman built her own integrative recovery plan alongside her chemotherapy regime and within four months, her scans were clear and she embarked on a quest to learn how to heal her mind, body and spirit.

Fuelled by Sophie’s dreams and ambitions to bring together people in the cancer community who inspired her recovery, Trew Fields was born: the UK’s first Cancer Awareness festival and a legacy to those Sophie knew who died of the disease. Trew Fields represented a place to give strength to others living through cancer, and a way of bringing meaning to her own experiences. It’s a festival with a difference: or as Sophie calls it, a “restival”, to rest and rejuvenate!

“Above all, it’s about hope, which is often lacking.” - Sophie Trew

Watch our interview and learn more about her experience of the emotional impact of cancer, the importance of self-care, and her exploration of the mind, body and spirit connection in her recovery.

“When we connect our mind and body, that’s where our power is.” - Sophie Trew

You can book your tickets for Trew Fields here. Secure your spot soon before it’s sold out!

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Next week, I’m talking to the wonderful Erica Bevin of Blinking Thinking, whose own experience of life as a cancer patient led her to setting up the business she runs today, which quite literally does all the blinking thinking for you when it comes to choosing pH neutral and fragrance-free products that are safe to use during chemotherapy.

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But we’re all human, and it’s easy to slip up and make mistakes. Sometimes we say or do things with no harmful intention whatsoever, but it can leave those we’re working with feeling a little less than special - a little disempowered.

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