Exercise and cancer: what's REALLY going on inside the body?

exercise Sep 27, 2018

In the previous post, I talked about how we human beings have evolved to move. Historically, the more athletic we were, the more likely we would be to survive (you know, outrun a bear, hunt our own food, etc. etc.).

And really this is largely why we find athletic bodies so attractive. Yes, this is driven somewhat by our powerful media obsession with perfect looks, but it goes back thousands of years to ancient Greece and the first Olympics (at least!). In fact, I heard someone tell me once that if you weren’t up to par and didn’t maintain a certain level of fitness, you’d be booted out of Greece and could no longer claim citizenship! I haven’t validated that with research myself, but I did think it was interesting…!

However, although we may not have necessarily been aware of the fact that athleticism = survival, as our bodies adapted and evolved to become more physical, our cells also adapted and that is what I want to focus on today.

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