Why is Moving Medicine?

I took a little break last week. It was half term here in Leicester and I had booked some annual leave to enjoy time out with the family (although I did end up spending a huge chunk of that time writing a paper for work, but never mind!)

However, I had also fallen prey to the dreaded lurgy that was doing the rounds. I hadn’t been looking after myself properly - you know, the usual drill...burning the candle at both ends, not eating a terribly great diet, making excuses about exercise because I was “too busy”...(I’m sure you’ve heard this sort of thing before!).

Maybe you’ve been there yourself?

Heck, maybe you’re there now too?! (I really hope not, but if that is the case, reach out and let’s chat - helping others is one of my core values).

But then something shifted in me. You see, I’d presented my research at a conference on the 23rd of May - a conference called “Why is Moving Medicine?”, which was kind of ironic...

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Born to run: evolved for movement, not inertia

I love a bit of stand-up comedy. Recently I watched an old episode of Live at the Apollo which showcased the Irish comedienne, Aisling (“Ashleen”) Bea. Here she is telling the audience why she can’t do any exercise….

Aisling Bea

I used to have that very same condition. We call it “idleitis”! Now and again it flares up. It’s a terrible thing really…. ;-)

But then about 18 months ago I moved jobs to work at Loughborough University. For those of you unfamiliar with the academic realm, Loughborough is THE place to go for sport in the UK. In fact, at the time of writing, they are extremely proud to be named number one in the world for sport-related subjects.

I, however, am NOT naturally gifted in sports. In fact, when I was 15 I used to play hockey (field hockey, not ice hockey – goodness, no! I’m not that brave!). I played for the school team and I played for a local team.


But I sucked at it.

No really, I truly...

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