The horrors lurking in our "natural foods"

foodstuffs Nov 09, 2018

In researching a my recent post on diet and cancer risk, I read an excellent book called “Radical Remission” by Kelly Turner. The author outlines 9 key factors common to patients who undergo radical remission, which she defines as statistically unexpected survival against all odds. 


However, in reading this book I also discovered a rather disturbing fact, and this led me to write this post for the Loughborough University News Blog. Did you know that “natural” raspberry flavouring is derived from the secretions of a beaver’s anal glands?! This flavouring is called castoreum and is often used to flavour ice cream, jam and sweets. Since discovering this surprising little fact, I have paid much closer attention to the labelling on my food shopping!

This led me down a bit of a “research rabbit hole” looking into all the different things that supposedly “natural” foods actually contain. In a world that seems...

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