What would make this year EPIC for you?

news Jan 05, 2019

Well, hello there, 2019! It’s so good to see you ;-)

I hope you have ALL enjoyed a good break over this festive period, and are raring to go, ready to make 2019 an EPIC year.

I had a well-earned rest over the holidays and an almost accidental social media fast for a few days too. I wasn’t intending to, it just kinda happened, but it also meant I could spend some quality time connecting with my family and I made excellent progress with the new online training program that I’m launching soon.

I also spent a lot of time reflecting back on 2018, what happened, what was successful, what wasn’t so successful, and what I want to improve on this year in 2019.

Looking in the rear-view mirror

As the month of December rumbled on, I started listening to Michael Hyatt’s “Your Best Year Ever” on audiobook for the second time (first time was back in January 2018), but I was finding it hard to take action on it because I couldn’t see it in front of...

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