How radical listening can transform patients’ thinking: facing cancer with courage and grace

skills Nov 24, 2018

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Thinking about thinking. And the quality of our thoughts. And how our thoughts dictate our emotions, our actions, and ultimately, our connections with one another.

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to you to hear that I’ve been reading a book about the topic too (did I mention I’m an avid reader?!) In fact, quite ridiculously, I’ve currently got about 6 different books on the go, so perhaps the quality of my thoughts is somewhat fractured! But hey, sometimes I like to let my butterfly brain flit wherever its whim and fancy takes me – it makes for an interesting life anyway ;-)


So, the book I’ve been reading is called “Time to think” by Nancy Kline. I actually downloaded it a few years ago on Kindle, but then about a month ago my husband was given a copy as a gift from a colleague and so I picked it up and start flicking through it again. I’d forgotten just how...

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