Cancer Essentials:

The Fundamental Principles and Hallmarks of Cancer

Delve into the fundamental biology of cancer and explore the hallmarks common to all cancers.

Break through the jargon, break down the concepts and learn how cancer thrives so that you can quickly and confidently help your patients to understand what’s going on inside.


Discover what cancer actually is

Guiding cancer patients through the forest of information starts with understanding: yours and theirs. In Part I you’ll discover the principles of cancer biology to build your foundational knowledge.

Understand how cancer thrives

By understanding HOW cancer thrives, we can begin to understand WHY our lifestyle choices have the power to affect secondary cancer risk. In Part II you’ll discover the ten hallmarks common to all cancers.

Join a community of like-minded people

All students will have access to an exclusive Facebook group to share their insights, experiences and learn from one another.

Passionate about helping people with cancer take control and live the best full color version of their lives as possible?

Join a like-minded community of big-hearted, compassionate professionals.


"You are an amazing teacher - I know this from personal experience. Such an inspiration and a real talent for empowering others. You're the reason I'm in cancer research too!"

Alexandra Lock
PhD student, Tumor Virology, De Montfort University, Leicester

Part I

In Part I, you’ll discover the principles of cell biology and genetics needed to understand cancer biology and build your foundational knowledge. You’ll then build on this knowledge to understand the nature of cancer, before moving on to learn about the role our immune system plays in protecting the body against cancer, and what happens when it goes wrong.

On completing Part I, you will feel more confident in explaining to your patients what is going on inside of them.

Part II

In Part II, you’ll discover the ten hallmarks common to all cancers. Broken down into four lessons, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of:

  1. The hallmarks involved in promoting cancer cell growth, division and survival;
  2. How cancer cells can grow their own blood vessels, and how they break away from the primary tumor and move around the body;
  3. How they break down their fuel differently and are more genetically unstable;
  4. How they can selfishly exploit the immune system to meet their own needs.

As I break down the science behind it, you'll develop a deeper understanding of how these ten hallmarks all contribute to drive cancer growth and spread.


Who is Cancer Essentials for?

In no particular order...

  • Occupational therapists
  • Nutritional therapists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Oncology nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Survivorship team members
  • Health coaches
  • Life coaches

Really, it is an ideal starting point for ANYONE who has a role working with cancer patients, cancer survivors or the families of those affected by cancer.

This introductory course will give you a strong grounding in the science behind what cancer is and how it thrives, so that you feel confident and assured in your knowledge when talking with those affected by cancer.







This course has a 7 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

If you don’t love the course (or my Scottish accent gets on your nerves…!) then, aye, no worries – I’ll refund your money with no hard feelings ;-)


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